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Spiaggia di Cea

Spiaggia di Cea


Places to visit

Ogliastra, the Eastern province in Sardinia, is a land where the mountains and the sea combine to offer guests natural landscapes that are, in some respects, still unspoiled. Every beach is unique due to its naturalistic, landscape and geologic variety that is also reflected in its crystal-clear waters, creating a colour palette ranging from emerald green, to turquoise and deep blue. This combination of natural conditions makes the Ogliastra landscape unique, and a place that is envied and loved by many.

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Torre di Bari

Less than 300 metres from the apartments, and connected by a pedestrian and bike trail, you will find the long, peaceful beach of the Torre di Barisardo. With its emerald-green sea and white sand, the beach is distinctive because of its impressive promontory, on which the famous Saracen Tower of Bari Sardo stands, dividing the beach into two segments. There are also two ‘Bau Beaches’ – namely, areas in which dogs are permitted.

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Spiaggia di Cea

The Spiaggia di Cea has held the Blue Flag awar for several years, and is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque beaches on the eastern coast of the island. It is located just a 15-minute drive from the apartments, along a quiet country road. With its powdery, sandy shores, the beach is dominated by two orange-red sea stacks (‘faraglioni’) and a transparent, turquoise sea, which is clear enough to see even the tiniest fish swimming around you.

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There is little that remains to be said about this most famous and renowned spot of Ogliastra coastline. Along the white crags of the Baunei Supramonte, there are countless coves: Cala Goloritzè, Biriola, Mariolu, Luna... These coves are breathtaking, because of their white beaches and turquoise and emerald waters, making this stretch of coast a truly unique landscape. Visitors can enjoy boat trips, with the option of on-board lunch, departing from Santa Maria Navarrese; in addition there is a transfer service available from here to our apartments with companies such as Fuorirotta Charter.


Cala Goloritzè

For those who prefer to walk amidst nature, there is the option of reaching different coves by land, surrounded by the spectacular landscape of the Supramonte. It is advisable to wear good walking shoes and leave early, to take advantage of the cool early-morning air, as the shortest route takes no less than an hour and a half, while other trails require you to be in very good shape, and willing to work up a sweat!


Cala Su Sirboni

Just a fifteen-minute drive from the apartments, you will find the small Cove of Su Sirboni, which offers visitors the chance to discover a perfectly wild and somewhat remote part of the coastline. Its name comes from the Sardinian word for wild boar, an animal which is in fact a regular visitor of this cove. With its clear waters and porphyry rocks forming a natural wall, the sea floor lends itself to spectacular and thrilling snorkeling adventures.

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Massiccio del Gennargentu

The Gennargentu mountain massif is characteristic of the central eastern coast of Sardinia. Its name comes from ancient Sardinian, and means Silver Port, in reference to the grey schistose rocks, with their distinctive silvery colour. This is a truly spectacular area, featuring numerous scenic paths of varying difficulty, ideal for those who enjoy excursions and hikes.